Hot Face Eye Massager Stick Wrinkle Removing Mini Electric Beauty Pen


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Power: 1XAA battery (excluded)
Weight: 62g
Size: 124 * 30mm
Type: Smiley Dark in Glow Hand Spinner
Body Area: Eyes


Out of stock

Eyes massage device remove dark circle Eye massage pen mini 208 Eye bag crow’s feet Vibration mini massager

Product Features:
  • On the eye around every important point of vibration massage, can promote the surrounding micro circulation, eliminate crow’s feet and dark circles.
  • Long-term use can enhance skin elasticity,
  • Anti-aging significantly dilutes the wrinkles on the face.
  • Mini massager Compact and lightweight, streamlined design ergonomic, to the greatest extent possible to reduce the use of the product in the process of fatigue caused by the human body.
Product advantages :
  • Inheritance massage meridian, innovation microseismic.
  • Use vibration massage function. Accelerate eye blood circulation
  • Effective improvement of eye swelling, dull, dark circles, promote pericyte metabolism.
  • Assist in the excretion of dirt, eliminate muscle swollen relaxation.
  • Effective reduction of fine lines, bags under the eyes.
  • Tighten the eye to enhance the skin, from inside to outside to create a smooth and tender eye skin.
  • Exquisite small, easy to carry. Let you really from inside to outside the blooming self-confidence glory.
Scope of application:
  • Eye or facial swelling and relaxation, fat particles at the Department.
  • Eye muscle and skin relaxation elongation atrophy and the formation of fine lines, bags at the bag.
For people:
  • Eye swelling, eyebrows who have eye skin around the eyes are fine lines were dark eyes, dark circles who are.

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